‘Sharing Cases’

‘Sharing Cases’

Leave year-end banquet and spring feasts to the professionals at U-Design

At the end of the year, most Taiwanese companies will hold a party to thank their employees for all their hard work over the past year. Other companies will have a spring feast at the beginning of the year to thank their employees for their contributions over the last year and look forward to the new year. No matter which season it is held, both are good ways for companies to reward employees for their hard work and improve morale. Parties have always been the best opportunity for companies to show their style. In addition to star-studded scenes, large companies spare no expense in choosing venues, food menus, and commemorative gifts so their employees return home happily. The larger the scale of the event, the more they are prone to issues. As a professional event planner, U-Design not only works with several well-known companies to create events for more than 1,000 people, but U-Design also helps clients check every detail and works to create gorgeous and exciting corporate events, leaving a fabulous impression on every guest.

U-Design had rich experience in planning company events such as SEIMENS, Samsung, Foxconn and so on. We have an inventive mind and act efficiency in an affordable budget.

2018 UL優力國際30週年運動主題晚會

2018 UL TAIWAN 30th Anniversary

2018 明門實業尾牙晚會

2018 Wonderland Year-End Party

2018 全家便利商店旺年晚會

2018 FamilyMart Year-End Party

2018 西門子Future Night

2018 SIEMENS Future Night

2019 NU Skin尾牙晚會

2019 NU Skin Year-End Party

2019 盈德網絡尾牙晚宴

2019 INTECH Year-End Party

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