About Us

About “U-Design”

"U-Design" is a place with unlimited creative and powerful imagination, where gathered a group of like-minded digital industry elites and work partners, and summed up countless experiences and creative ideas. For "U-Design", a perfect PR (Public Relations) activities planning executive should let everything possible to make every PR activity achieved to the client entrusted become: visual, auditory, sensory, applause, congratulations, and touching, than create a glory shared harvest feast; the coming out activities PR presented on the scenes are not only the combination of lighting, sound and venue layout, but also that we actually understand your needs. The Project leader of our "U-Design" will coordinate brainstorming and creative ideas thinking for every PR activity design. Going through our most TOP high-end activity planning department (build delicate quality) → the most IMAGINATIVE Design department (create aesthetic sense) → the most POWERFUL Site execution department (manage emotional attraction), carefully create every PR activity from you entrusted.

Service Content

  • Various public relations activities planning
  • Creative marketing planning
  • Diversified stage performances
  • High-quality venue design
  • Superior Outsourcer to Distributors conference