“Creating buzz, launching triumphs.”

“Creating buzz, launching triumphs.”


HC-Life Distributors Conference


HC-Life Distributors Conference

HC-Life Global Launch Conference, the event began to be planned a year ago, and the number of participants and applicants reached as many as 4,000 people on that day. The venue was chosen to be held at Hui Sun Hall in Taichung. From entering the venue the day before to the day of the event, the staff prepared the guests to report and present gifts.

Everyone arrived at the venue in an orderly and regular manner that day. After taking a group photo with the company's banner outdoors, they entered the venue. In addition to the large banner symbolizing the spirit of the whole body in the outer area of ​​the venue, there are lots of booths for companys’ products in the inner area, so that the distinguished guests who come to participate can learn more about the company's products.

Take a look at the grand occasion in the infield, every guest brought their friends and family members to participate in the event. All guests are expecting

When the chairman enters the stage after the opening.Everyone want to give him a Hi Five, share and pass on good luck!


After the chairman entered the arena, all the guests stood up and rushed to the stairs, high-fived the chairman, and took a group photo. The scene was like the Avenue of Stars. The chairman shone like a superstar, and the photographer's flashlight couldn't stop! This is HC-Life Global Launch Conference!

Then, in addition to inviting professional doctors to explain the company's products, the most important thing was of course the launch ceremony. The focus of the event was to introduce a new global marketing platform to every VIP and relatives and family members. The director, the company's R&D team and professional doctors will complete it together!

After the inauguration ceremony, the award ceremony and the flag presentation ceremony were carried out, and each department also entered the venue like walking on the Avenue of Stars, and went to the stage to accept the chairman's award and flag presentation ceremony.

Finally, all the honored guests hope can fly to the future together with paper airplanes. The chairman will lead the company executives and all the VIPs to shoot out the paper airplanes together. The scene of four thousand people is very spectacular. Paper airplanes, big and small, represent All dreams and wishes will come true.

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