“Creating buzz, launching triumphs.”

“Creating buzz, launching triumphs.”


2019 Suao Service Area Opening


2019 Suao Service Area Opening

National Highway No. 5, the latest service area of ​​East Road Expressway, the opening of completion ceremony of Suao Service Area, with the design of ship-shaped buildings and landscapes, it has become a landmark service area of ​​Suao Port. We would like to thank FamilyMart for giving us the opportunity to host this event. We created unprecedented technology and techniques to make the opening and inauguration ceremony of Suao service a complete success. During the rehearsal that day, all the staff discussed repeatedly. Everyone did not seek utilitarianism, but only for the harmony of the event to reach the highest peak.

After the visit of Minister Jia long Lin of the Ministry of Communications, the opening and inauguration ceremony of the Suao service area officially began.

The opening and inauguration ceremony of the Suao Service Area officially began. First, a one-shot opening performance was presented. Due to the large space of the service area, there was not much time for the guests to visit one by one after they first arrived at the venue. Cheerleading, diabolo, gymnastics, street dance, magic, etc. are combined through camera images

The live show showed the opening performance with the perfect combination of performers and photography hardware. Of course, the most important thing is that each picture is related to the on-site merchants and the characteristic buildings in the Suao service area.

Xing Hua Zheng, director of the Expressway Bureau, was invited in order to explain the characteristics of the Suao Service Area project, understand the difficulties in the construction project during the initial stage and share the results after completion.

Everyone knows that the eastern part is known as the back garden of Taiwan. It is not only picturesque, but also has a lot of delicious food. Freshly cooked seafood is directly provided for the executive and VIP guests to try at the event. Then, Chairman Rong Ting Ye, the owner of the Family Mart convenience store, was invited to explain that the Family Mart convenience store is currently committed to serving the national highway service areas of Taiwan. There are Xinying service area, Che Ting service area, Shiding service area and Suao service area. Family Mart convenience store in the future for the national highway service area.It also explains the future operation policy of the Family Mart convenience store for the national highway service area.

Finally, the chairman of the consortium "See Berlin Curator" Jin De Ou was invited to explain the precious photos of the construction of theNational Highway No. 5that Po-lin Chi had never published. Including precious construction images of the 129-kilometer-long and arduous key project- Hsuehshan Tunnel, fully presenting the evolution of national highway construction.

The highlight of the opening and inauguration ceremony of the Suao service area is the "launching ceremony". The appearance of the Suao Service Area looks like a big ship. This event specially builds a set of rudders and push rods, which means sailing smoothly to the world.

After the ceremony, the executives and VIPs followed the guides of the Family Mart convenience store to visit the beauty of the unique merchants and architectural features in the Suao Service Area. Eat, chat and take photos together. The Lunar New Year is coming soon, the atmosphere and scene seem to be spring in advance, and the scene is harmonious and harmonious.


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