“Creating buzz, launching triumphs.”

“Creating buzz, launching triumphs.”


2019 Prudential Year-End Party


2019 Prudential Year-End Party

The theme of Prudential Year-End Party this time is “Traveling the World, Embracing POT”. The site is decorated with an aviation theme from the entrance to the photo area, allowing Prudential employees to enter the venue as if traveling around the world on Prudential Airlines.

In addition to allowing colleagues to take pictures in the outfield, facilities such as popcorn machines, hot dog machines, and game consoles are also set up for colleagues to have fun when welcoming guests.

Then, after the energetic and enthusiastic employees brought a hot dance performance, it was announced that the Year-End Party had officially started!

After the chief’s speech, the first lottery game was ushered in. This time, Year-End Party carefully prepared three different game sections for each lottery, allowing colleagues to play games before getting the big prize, and the game decides what they get. lottery winnings. Because 2019 is the year of the pig, the content of the event has been integrated into games related to "pig".

After that was the highlight of the Year-End Party, the "staff catwalk performance". For this section, every employee used the time after work to step up rehearsal. The staff are well dressed, and there is a special group that amazes the audience, they dress up as "Life of Pi".

The ship in the movie is also completely presented at the event site, which can be said to be quite special!

At the end of the event, the HI FIVE Orchestra also invited all Prudential colleagues to the highest point!

In the end, the event ended successfully after the biggest prize and bonus prize were drawn out! The staff and host were also invited to take a group photo together. See you next year!

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